Friday, April 06, 2007

I've come to the conclusion that the RIAA treats the American public in much the same way the Church of Global Warming (Praise Gaia and her anointed prophets Al Gore (henceforth also known as The Goreacle) and Tom Brokaw. Hah-men!) treats us.

In the case of the Goreacle and his acolytes, even though China has said it is building 100 new coal plants and will not adhere to the Kyoto accords, who caused Global Warming? Americans and their big SUVs, multiple light fixtures, and air conditioning. In the case of the RIAA, China is the source of much of world piracy, so they sue 6 year old children in the United States, i guess because children generally don't have nukes. heck, even the MPAA fights piracy differently there: Here they search people going into movie theaters for video cameras, there they sell the DVDs we buy for $15 for $1!

And the left says Michelle Malkin is deluded. Denial ain't just a river in Egypt, ya'll.

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