Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Murray Energy Corporation CEO Bob Murray recently called Al Gore, patron saint of theh Global Warming (Praise Gaia and her anointed profits (get it?) Al Gore and Tom Brokaw. Hah-men!) fad sweeping the country, a threat to the United States. Al Gore, who was a co-owner of a toxic zinc mine in Tennessee, whose 20-room home in one month uses an average family's yearly electric total, (Yes, he purchases some of that power from "green" sources, but if we were to really walk the walk he talks about, wouldn't he go more green? Like the current President, whose 4000 square foot house which uses 25% less electricity than the average American, for example?), who admitted that his award winning film exaggerated its claims to make a point, Murray contends, "cannot tell fact from fiction, [and] can afford an Olympian detachment from the impacts of draconian climate change policy. For them, the jobs and dreams destroyed as a result will be nothing more than statistics and the cares of other people."

Murray points out that the laws reducing greenhouse gas emissions have cut down on those emissions, but mostly by shuttering manufacturing plants whose products are outsourced to China, which has already said it will not abide by the Kyoto protocol, and is building over 100 coal fired electric plants. You know, the kind Al Gore says will kill us with Global Warming.

Global Warming exists. It was not caused by mankind. Our returning to a simpler hunter/gatherer existence (or by using florescent lights instead of incandescent bulbs) won't stop Global Warming any more than the Neanderthals' hunter/gatherer existence did by causing an ice age.

Should we conserve? Absolutely! Should we recycle? You bet! Will we? No. It's too much work for us to do at home, we'll make government force business to do it, forcing them to outsource and fire workers.

All I'm saying, Global Warming faithful, is walk the walk.



Blogger RevJim said...

Great post, and you made some good points. I have been using the global warming conspiracy theory for my own reasons--cutting back on gasoline usage means less money that can get to Usama Bin Ladin and his cohorts, and less that we have to depend on Venezuela for fuel. They only think I'm talking about saving the earth--well I am, but it means our future as a free society

1:21 PM  
Blogger hiikeeba said...

Absolutely correct. We should have been driving more fuel efficient cars after the oil embargo of the 70s. Had we learned our lesson then, we wouldn't have had to prop up the Shah, put Hussein in power, and tolerate the Saudi government. We could have been saying, "I don't use your oil. Kill each other. See what I care."

1:36 PM  

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