Saturday, February 24, 2007

Let me start off by saying Tim Hardaway is an idiot. Never answer a question that will explode on you like that. I am not a homophobe. I don't care who you sleep with or how you orgasm. I am, however, not gay, and find the idea of two men having sex repellent. I assume gay men have the same feelings about me and a woman having sex. I know most women do, but that's another story for another time.

But I do admire Hardaway for answering a question honestly. He was asked how he would feel with a gay teammate and said he wouldn't like it. At the chastising from the interviewer he said he was a homophobe. Hardaway exercised his right to Free Speech, offended some folks and then surrendered his right to Free Speech by apologizing.

So today, I ask you to join with me and mourn the death of Free Speech. You can no longer say what you believe in.

Sure, you can still say you hate Republicans. You can interrupt the speeches of right wing pundits by asking if they do anal. You can still say you hate the American army that kills and murders and rapes. Heck, you can say people in the army were too stupid not to join the army and that's why they are in Iraq. You can say you hate white Europeans for their collective crimes against the world. And you can even say you hate Jesus. Even though those statements will offend a great number of people, the Left will defend your right to say them, and will, quite often join you in saying them.

Hint that you hate a Democrat, and your view is belittled. Interrupt the speech of a Left wing pundit and no one complains when you are arrested. Merely suggest that you distrust Muslims for their collective crimes against the world and CAIR will be knocking on your door. Say that you are uncomfortable around gay people, and Holy Hell!, does the Shit Rain fall! The Left will find your speech so offensive that it should never be allowed to be hearad, and they will shout it down, and drown you in a din of their vitriol.

Free Speech allows you and me, and Tim Hardaway, the right to say what we want without fear of prosecution. You apparently do not have protection from persecution, however, and therefore, your right to Free Speech is curtailed. When I hear the anti-war protesters talk about how their Free Speech is being trampled, I want them to remember Tim Hardaway. When they discover that the "Free Speech zone" at the party conventions is at the back of the building, not the front door, remember that when someone's Free Speech is shouted down and hounded into silence, your Free Speech ain't so far behind.

Here's how you respond to Tim Hardaway:


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