Saturday, December 30, 2006

Here's a story about cane toads in Australia. The reason I bring it up is this sentence: "Since their introduction cane toads have evolved bigger legs to help them move faster, expanding their territory westward by around 40 km (25 miles) a year." (emphasis mine)

I have a small problem with the sentence: "cane toads have evolved bigger legs" sounds like they were planning it. I can't say that I could write it any better, but it just sounds odd.

The real reason I point this article out is that the Fundies keep saying evolution doesn't exist, that it's a theory. And yet, clearly, Australian cane toads have bigger legs then their Hawaiian ancestors. Are you seriously going to tell me God made their legs bigger? He can't restore amputees' legs, why would he bother with frogs' legs (Sure, they're tasty. . .)? Or is Kirk cameron going to argue that Frog legs are the right shape for us to barbecue so God had to have created it?

Evolution is a fact. The exact process is a theory, which is to say, a way of describing the process. Not a theory in the layman's sense of the word, but a scientific theory. If you're going to make the Bible be 100% factual, remember, Timothy 2 says no woman shall have authority over a man. As soon as you make that 100% true, I'll allow you to make the rest 100% true.



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