Saturday, August 19, 2006

In 1997, I bought a 1994 Chevy Astro Van. It is a conversion van with a lot of nice features. It was a comfortable vehicle to use on a family vacation to Virgina in '97. My parents, my brother, and my nephew drove up to Virginia, where my late aunt Sue joined us for the return trip. We've travelled to Colorado in it, and made several trips to visit my cousin in Midland.

But, it's time to buy a new car, and I am almost ready to make the commitment to four years of payments. I have paid off two credit cards, but I still have to pay off a couple more credit cards and a broken ankle. I think I've paid off all the other associated costs of my golfing injury (except the hospital stay--that will be around for a while). So I'm thinking that I'll be buying the car about this time next year.

I will start shopping around, looking for the best car for me, and recording my thoughts and experiences here. It won't be an every day thing, but maybe once every couple of weeks. I will still mock and criticize those who deserve it. Even myself.


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