Thursday, August 17, 2006

Political Hypocrisy

It's no secret that I find all politicians, Left and Right, to be hypocrites and criminals. The only way to get elected is to do everything for the folks with the deep pockets, and promise to do everthing for "the people who I represent."

Senator George Allen (R-Va) is a staunch pro-Life candidate and has spoken publicly against the so-called "morning after pill". But that doesn't stop him from making money off of it. Allen owns stock in Barr Laboratories, who make Plan-B, a "morning after pill". No sense in letting someone else get that money, after all.

In his planet-saving film, "An Inconvenient Truth," which Gore has admitted exagerates the case for Global Warming, has said that we only have ten years to act before the world will go "into a tailspin." Gore has been preaching cutting back on consumption. It's a brilliant idea from a man who owns three homes: One in Nashville; one in Alexandria, Virginia; and one in Carthage, Tennessee. Yet, none of those homes does Gore have his power companies supply him with wind energy, something the Bush Administration is putting into Federal buildings. (For the record, neither political power has either.) Gore owns stock in Occidental Petroleum, often under fire for drilling in environmentally sensative areas. And Gore's home in Carthage sits on top of a zinc mine, and he receives $20,000 a year from Pasminco Zinc, which has been cited for polluting a nearby river. Gore wants you and me to radically change how we live. Will he close the zinc mine under his third home? Will he sell his petro stocks? Don 't hold your breath.

It's politics as usual, folks. Everyone is busy grinding their axe, making as much money as they can in office. It is not restricted to one political party.


Blogger Clarissa said...

You're right. I'm in shock at the blatant hypocrisy, and in shock that I'm shocked.

4:01 AM  

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