Sunday, May 21, 2006

Fortress Amerika - Day Six

If being an illegal immigrant is a crime, isn't hiring an illegal immigrant a crime? Why aren't people who employ illegal immigrants being called felons? Could it be that it's because they're white? Could the Minutemen be that racist?

But, let's examine things a bit closer. Why are these people crossing the border illegally?

To have their babies?

Nah! They're coming to work. There are people, believe it or not!, in this country who actually hire illegal aliens!

I know. I couldn't believe it either.

There can't be an American alive who would actually hire an illegal! What with the stiff fines and all.

I have seen INS raid restaurants in town. They drag dishwashers and cooks from the kitchen in handcuffs, stuff 'em in cars, and scream off into the distance. Why don't they cuff the owners of the restaurants?

I mean, if the spics come here and take jobs from God's Chosen Race™, shouldn't the people who hire them be criminals as well? Shouldn't their names be read from the Holy Pulpit?

Today on the news, there was a report about a group of illegals who were detained. What would have better was the talking head saying, "Today, Frank Whitesheet, owner of Frank's Peach Orchard, last year's winner of the 'Best Peach on the Face of the Earth' peach festival, was arrested for hiring 47 illegal aliens, in violation of Federal laws. If convicted of all violations, Whitesheet will spend four thousand years in prison."

Make the penalty for hiring illegals equal to being illegal. That's all it would take. As long as the illegals can find jobs, they will keep coming. If everyone who wants to keep wetbacks coming into this country illegally would avoid anyone who hires them, the incentive to cross the border would be gone.

For the last twenty years, I've been giving employers my passport, my So-So Security card, and my driver's license to prove I'm legal. How do the beaners get around that?



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Well said!!!!

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