Saturday, May 13, 2006

On September 12, 2001, I was driving home from Birmingham, Alabama, where I'd been stranded, and was passing through Mississippi. Suddenly, the traffic on the Interstate came to a screeching halt! Literally. I am surprised that the rental care company didn't charge me for the brown stains on the seat! So for an hour, I inched my way towards a lane closed sign. For a stretch of twenty feet, there were orange cones blocking off that lane. Then they were gone. There were no workers, no vehicles, no nothing! Just a lane closed sign and 20 feet of closed Interstate.

That's when I decided the name Mississippi had derived from an old Indian word for "We stop for no fuckin' reason." After driving through Tennessee in 1997, i determined Tennessee came from an old Indian Word that meant "Road Construction Ahead."

I that spirit, here's a sign I made at Atom Smasher's Road Construction Sign Generator:


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