Thursday, May 11, 2006

Finally, a politician gets it! Senator Hillary Clinton has introduced a bill that raises the minimum wage and ties increases to Congresscritters pay increases. So if they vote themselves a 100% pay raise, the minimum wage goes up 100%. Daily Kos has the full text of the bill.

Of course, we all know this will be defeated faster than a gay marriage bill, but it's about time! Everytime Congress raises their pay, raises taxes, or does anything like that, we get to keep just a little less of our paychecks.

Months ago, I blogged about how often Congress raises its pay versus how seldom it raises the minimum wage. I can't find the post at the moment, but I beleive it's been about 20 years.

My hat's off to Hillary! I know it's just an election year ploy, and it isn't sincere or heartfelt, and I also know it stands a snowball's chance in hell of passage. But good on ya, mate!


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