Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Fortress Amerika - Day Two!

On April 28, I went onto the Discover card website, learned what my total balance was, and sent a payment in for that amount. I was so proud that I had paid off my Discover card! I got my bill today. I still owe them $80. Huh?

I called them yesterday and asked them exactly how much I have to send them to get my balance to $0. They told me $80. I said, "But I did that last month and I still owe you money!"

Keith, the rep on the phone, tried to explain that the $80 was the interest charge from April 1 to 28, and that as soon as the payment was received, they stopped charging interest on it. I responded by saying, "Well, today was the 14th, and the interest on the interest charges has been running since May 1, so how much do I have to send above the $80 to get my account to $0?" Keith replied, "Just send the $80." I replied, but I did that last month!"

Keith finally told me that if I had just called them last month they would have told me the pay off of my account and it would have included the $80. So I asked him for the pay off on my account, and he said $80. "See," I said, "you wouldn't have told me."

Finally, Keith said that if I keep the account open, he would waive the finance charge. I told him I had no intention of closing the account. So hopefully, my account balance is at $0.

$8000 in debt down, and thanks to my freaking broken ankle, $20,000 to go!

Remember, "Round up the Mexicans just like Hitler did the Jews!"



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