Friday, May 26, 2006

Fortress Amerika - Day Eleven

The saga of Rep. William Jefferson (Innocent Victim, aka D - New Orleans)has taken a truly remarkable turn. Despite pulling almost $100,000 from the freezer of the representative, and having him on tape accepting a bribe, the FBI got a warrant for documents requested by subpoena from Jefferson's office. Jefferson had not responded to the subpoena. The FBI raided the office on Saturday, and the Republicans, I repeat the Republicans, on Capitol Hill are in a tizzy! Apparently, the FBI is part of the Executive Branch of government and Congress is not subject to subpoena's issued by the executive branch. They argue this, because they all hide incriminating documents in their offices, and if the FBI can't get them, they can't be indicted! ALL POLITICIANS ARE CROOKS!

I think everyone should be a Congressman. Police wouldn't be able to serve you warrants. You drive drunk and crash into something, the police take you home. If your home is flooded in a levy break, the National Guard will take you to your house and let you pack up some stuff. And if the FBI is investigating you, they can't subpeona you! And who says America doesn't have nobility?

Anyway, Bush has agreed with the outraged Congressmen, and sealed the documents seized by the FBI. Once more, Bush is thwarting Justice. I'm sure the Left has already added this charge to their Impeachment demands, while preparing the Innocent Victim placards for Jefferson.



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