Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Flame wars on Fark are soo much fun to read. Yesterday, someone noticed that Google didn't have a special logo up for Memorial Day. They have one for Arthur Conan Doyle's Birthday and for the Chinese New Year, but not for Memorial Day. Google makes a point of putting up logos for obscure holidays, not just Amerikan holidays, but did that stop the offened Righties from pitching a hissy fit? NO! Did that stop the self-rightous Lefties from mocking them? NO!

A post by Farker Hello Kitty read: "What are Memorial (and for that matter, Labor) Days supposed to be about anyway? Does anyone really know (specifically - I know it's patriotic, but what else)? They've become placemarkers on whether or not it's OK to wear white and go without pantyhose, as far as I know. I wonder how many people even know what Christmas is about - I mean, besides having something to do with Santa Claus? The "war on (insert holiday here)" simply reflects the public's perception of these holidays."

I thought the joke about when to stop wearing pantyhose was funny, but the super dense, and the thin skinned on both sides took por Hello Kitty to task for being stupid while completely missing her point. President's day is about getting new linens, July 4th is about beer, if Budweiser's ads can be trusted, Thanksgiving is about gorging yourself of fatty foods, and Chri$tma$, despite Bill O'Reilly's whinings, stopped being about Jesus a loooong time ago and became the orgiastic spend fest we all know and love.

You want to celebrate Memorial Day? Don't do it on the lake with a boatload of beer iced down. Go to your local VFW hall and buy a round for the guys. Help you veteran neighbor by mowing his lawn, fixing his car, or giving him a meal. Don't expect Google to honor it for you.


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