Friday, March 21, 2008

Judy Kay Zagorski, of Pigeon, Michigan was killed when a 75 lb Stingray flew out of the water and struck her face as she rode a boat in the Florida Keys.

Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin was killed on September 4, 2006, the first casualty in this global invasion. On October 18, 2006, an 81 year old Florida man survived a stab to the chest by a stingray. Then on November 29, 2006, the stingrays made another drive towards Australia, stabbing a third man in the chest. In January 2007, a New Zealand man was stabbed in the arm.

To paraphrase Kent Brockman of The Simpsons: One thing is for certain: there is no stopping them; the stingrays will soon be here. And I for one welcome our new aquatic overlords. I'd like to remind them that as a trusted blogger, I can be helpful in rounding up others to toil in their underwater food caves.



Blogger Finn said...

I'd help out rounding up others as I've never been much of a toiler. Or maybe we can fool the stingrays into a kinship by filling their tummies with yummy food pellets. I'll do anything to keep from toiling.

8:27 AM  

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