Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Sean Ryan has asked that a Festivus Pole be placed on Green Bay City Hall's holiday display, which currently features a nativity and a Wiccan star.

A practicing Catholic who would prefer to see no religious displays at a government office, Ryan said his request to put up an undecorated six foot aluminum pole was intended to showcase how deciding what religions to include in the display can turn to the absurd.

"I was turning over how extreme things could get and how loosely things could get interpreted," Ryan said.

"The real feat of strength would be for the mayor to stand up and say this is absurd," Ryan added. "Let us keep nativity scenes where they belong in the churches, in our homes and in our hearts."

The mayor, Jim Schmitt, has said that the Festivus Pole is a bit of Pop Culture and only things associated with religions should be put on the nativity display. Apparently, he forgets that back in the Roman Empire, Christianity was a bit of pop culture, and look where it is today.

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