Tuesday, December 04, 2007

While I understand that companies I deal with online wish to protect themselves from lawsuits regarding the loss of consumers' data, I do have a gripe about the way they try to protect themselves.

Recently, I tried to pay my Sprint bill online. I haven't tried to access my account online for several months. I used to log in with my phone number and a password. Today, I had to create a new username and password, plus create and answer security questions.

Well, I'm glad their system is more secure. I just had to add a new line to my passwords file that I carry around on a thumb drive. I can no longer keep usernames and passwords in my head, I actually have to write them down.

Let me see if I understand: In order to make my passwords more secure, I should have to make them so complicated that I have to write them down so that all anyone has to do is take a piece of paper from my desk?

When I finally did hear from Sprint, who I have been a customer of for almost 8 years, they told me that in order to pay my bill, I have to name myself as the account administrator.

Sure would have been nice if they had said that somewhere on the site, instead of "Pay Bill Now" link that kicks you out of the system with no explanation.



Blogger Unknown said...

Sprint has not done so well in the customer service department lately. I guess you heard that they "fired" a few thousand of their customers because they were "chronic" complainers. Guess we dont have to worry about the online safety of those former customers.

1:08 PM  

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