Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Clarkesville, TN has a bit of a teen drinking problem. At least that is what one would expect when reading Joe Mitchell's letter to the editor.

Mitchell has a simple solution: Don't sell cold beer. "I don't think any loving mother or father would allow their teenager to bring home a case of warm beer to be cooled down and carried out to their car that evening for a drive. And who likes warm beer?"

Joe, they sell this stuff called "ice." Heck, the MythBusters demonstrated how to cool a 6 pack in 5 seconds! All the kids have to do is buy a fire extinguisher.

Here's a novel idea, Joe: Let's make it a crime for a retailer to sell beer to a minor, and make it a crime for a minor to buy beer. Oh! Wait! It already is the law. Then, how about enforcing the law?

If we follow your approach, we accept that teens can and will buy beer. We accept that there's nothing we can do to stop them. That they will always find a way to score some suds. And if they will always get beer, why not legalize minors drinking, since we can't stop them?

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