Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Could we please stop having celebrities writing editorials about how bad dog fighting is?

Despite a few personal blogs, no one in the media is editorializing that Micheal Vick should go free because he did nothing wrong. CNN has never expressed that opinion. And yet, an actor has stepped up to tell us all how horrible dogfighting is. Emily Deschanel, star of the TV series "Bones," wrote a commentary for CNN. 9I just have to ask, did she approve the photo that runs with the article? She looks positively skeletal!)

Why in the world would I care what a celebrity, albeit a hot celebrity, thinks about anything. Your job is to entertain me, dammit! I am not interested in your opinions, unless it is about your show.

I already know that dog fighting is cruel. I don't need you to tell me that. I know Vick is an idiot. I think his apology pretty much proved that. (Like he would be forgiven and get his job back if he said he was sorry. Sometimes, apologies aren't enough.) So why waste the space for an actress to tell us how bad AmeriKKKans are for allowing dog fighting? Let her get a blog. It's easy. Even I have one. And the Internet is full of people with opinions.

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