Thursday, August 23, 2007

Is it just me, or do the talking heads on the the TV news seem depressed that Dean missed the United States? As late as yesterday morning, one San Antonio weatherman was still saying, "Once Dean gets into the Bay of Campeche anything could happen and the storm could come our way" even as all the computer models were predicting landfall in Mexico.

And on the morning news, one reporter almost moaned about how weak the storm was when it came ashore, "For the resorts, Dean was just a windy rainstorm."

Are they actually hoping for catastrophe and municipal inefficiency on the scale of Katrina and the City of New Orleans? Apparently so, only Texas news outlets seemed to report that Governor Rick "Merck" Perry sent 1000 school buses, hundreds of fuel tanks, and the National Guard to the coast to prepare for a possible landfall. Instead, the national news was reporting that the levees in New Orleans will still overflow, but only in the poor areas of town.

Oh, and they squeezed in news that Prince William was back with his Girlfriend and trying to ditch the media. Good luck with that, Willie.



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