Friday, August 31, 2007

Reading is always a source of ideas for this blog. Recently, three stories caught my eye. They were all about bringing criminals to Justice.

Story 1: Houston police have quietly added 20 more red light cameras to their existing network, most at the same intersection, but pointing the other way. "This is not about revenue," Executive Assistant Chief Martha Montalvo, who supervises the program said. "This is about changing the behavior and public safety." So they're going to be issuing warnings, then? For a month. Then the gravy train starts a rollin'! The further criminalization of the citizenry continues.

Story 2: A man was tarred and feather in Belfast recently, and adorned with a sign that read "I'm a drug dealing scumbag." Police are cluck-clucking about this being "barbaric," but apparently have done nothing but investigate the man. The local citizens, fed up with crime, acted where the police wouldn't. Maybe they were busy putting up red light cameras.

Story 3: At least AmeriKKKans are leaving the police work to the police, and the police are upset. The body of a 28 year old man was discovered next to a busy gas pump, where he had been sitting for 10 hours. Sgt. Victor Quezada said, "I don't want to chew out the public, but it makes me scratch my head how people can get gas next to him, see someone slumped over and not call the police and say anything. It's a two-second phone call." Heck, Sarge, why not just put up a camera?



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