Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Fortress Amerika! - Day One

Has it really come to this? Militarizing our border? Not all of them, mind you, just the one them damn Meskins cross! Our white, northern neighbors are free to come and go as the please.

C'mon, Bush! Just do it! Build a Great Wall running from San Diego to Brownsville!

Keep the Americans on this side of the border, out of the Mexican towns where they go to buy cheap pharmaceuticals and cigarettes. Make sure Rick Bayless cant go to Mexico to eat and film a TV show. Make him do it here with American workers!

Keep them brown skins on the other side, where they can't come mow palatial lawns in Hollywood for $1 an hour. High school kids want those jobs! Where they can't depress the wages, and we can finally blame the real culprit: Congress! They haven't raised the minimum wage on 20 years, and it's them Beaners' fault Congress won't raise the minimum wage!

Put barbed wire along the top of the wall in double rows. With the success of Jail Break, prison chic is in! Make sure to build air conditioned towers along the wall. It gets hot down here.

Once you get the design right, you can build the second prison wall along our northern border. There are French-speakers up there, you know! And make sure you block TV signals. Red Green is on too many American TV stations!

The next President can finish the two north-south walls that will completely secure this nation. You're already spying on our phone calls. It will be just like lock down! You can have the guards frisk us as we go to and from work, confiscate guns, radios, and science books that deviate from the Fundie line. Imagine how much God will bless us when weve subjugated and imprisoned ourselves!



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