Thursday, April 20, 2006

Thanks to some advice from a co-worker, I checked my retirement account and discovered I had a whole lot more in there than I thought. (My retirement account philosophy is set it up and forget you have it.) I decided to withdraw $10,000 from my retirement and do two things: 1)Do some minor repairs on my vehicle, 2)pay off as many credit cards as I can. I know that I will pay off Discover Card. They've been a little obnoxious lately.

I got a call last week from discover, four days after agreeing to pay $191, which was half my payment due May 8, but $50 less that my past due account. When they called to get the other $190, I told them that there was no way I could guarantee that I could pay them by the 8th. So the girlie gave me two options: pay the $51 over the phone now, or set up a payment of $191 for the 8th. I explained again about paydays and empty bank accounts, and told her the story about breaking my leg with no insurance. She clicked her tongue and said she understood and would put me in touch with credit assistance.

I'm thinking, this will go well, when Mr. I'm-smarter-than-you comes on the phone and says that he has some options for me. First her explains that if I don't make a payment it will be reported to the credit bureau. I stopped him and said I have already been told that. Get to the options. "I'm just doing my job, sir." Fine, but don't repeat what I've already been told. I've been to school. I know what the credit bureau is and what it does. "Okay, well, you can pay the $50 today to bring your current. . ." he says. "Can't do it. Empty checking account." "Okay. Then we can set up a payment for $190 on May 8th." "I already told the girlie that I can't promise anything. I'm two months behind on three cards, and guess what: They ALL want their money now! I paid you guys on Friday, so that puts you at the bottom of the list." Apparently, Discover pays its collection agents really well, because in their world they've never earmarked the whole next paycheck to pay some bills. Anyway, for ten minutes he repeats the same two options over and over again, I keep explaining about owing $30,000 to more than just Discover, until I lose my temper. "Fine, I will set up a f**king payment of $50 for the 21st. That's when I get paid again." "Sir, I don't appreciate that kind of language." "I don't appreciate being talked down to."

So I withdrew ten grand and am gonna pay off Discover and as many other cards as I can. I won't get them all, but at least I should be able to free up about $400 a month to pay to the other cards.


Blogger Unknown said...

Discover card are evil vile creatures and should be avoided at all costs. Pay them off and cut up the card. HATE DISCOVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

11:55 AM  
Blogger Clarissa said...

Oh, those damn credit card companies! Best of luck to you dear, Banana Patch guy. You're readers don't want you distracted by financial matters! Remember, you can always declare bankruptcy. :-(

2:08 PM  

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