Monday, April 10, 2006

I found an article that I found a little hard to believe. Ten pickup lines for women to use with men.


I can't believe women need pickup lines. We're not that hard to figure out. If you ask "How are you today?", we're nodding and thinking "Yeah. She thinks I'm hot." If you say, "That's a nice shirt," we hear "I wanna see you without it." If you sidle up to a guy and say, "This band sucks, doesn't it?" we're going to excuse ourselves to tell our friends some chick wants to take us home. Guys are easy to figure out. We like girls. (Well, some of us do, anyway.) We like it when girls talk to us. It can be "I booked a king and got a queen, you bastard!" and we're thinking we're irresistable. If you make any comment about the weather, we're thinking you want to have sex. With us!

Or maybe it's just me.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's not just you, it seriously is every guy out there.

Girls: Any guy that has been nice to you since, oh, I don't know, 6th grade, has been trying to get in your pants. Seriously.

On the other hand, girls do know this so they never have to worry about someone hitting on them or asking them out on a date. It's a lot harder for guys, because not every guy expects it.

10:27 PM  
Blogger Aurelius said...

I'm just madblogging along, really like your sarcasm.

Of course, sarcasm can be tricky in the written word. Maybe you're a wacko, I'll have to come back and see.

12:45 AM  

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