Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Hate crimes are the vilest evil inflicted on us by the Clinton Administration. I don't mean Bill and Hill committed hate crimes, but they're "I feel your pain" empathy lead to the passage of Federal hate crime laws. I saw that if I come over to your house, beat you bloody with a baseball bat, and burn your house down, I should be punished the same no matter the color of our skins or how we orgasm. However, since I am pasty white no matter how much sun I absorb, and if you were black, my sentence would be doubled. If you were gay, Dear Lord! there would be no end to the punishment inflicted upon me.

I have already written about hate crimes and how wrong they are. I wish I could find a link to that article so you could re-read it here.

Maybe I don't have to. A recently enacted anti-bullying law in Florida is drawing criticism because minorities aren't protected. So let me get this straight: If a kid demands lunch money from all the white kids he's just a bully. If he demands lunch money from all the white kids and a black kid he's worse? This is exactly why hate crimes are stupid laws. What about when a black bullies a white? What about when a Hispanic bullies an asian? Is the severity of the punishment inversely proportional to the lightness of the skin color of the bully?

I can see the scene in the Pricipal's office: "Well, Jimmy, you can be glad that Skippy is white. You'll only get a day's detention. If he'd been a female minority, you'ld be on your way to 'pound me in the ass' prison now."

Here's an idea: Why don't we simply not tolerate any bullying?


Blogger Clarissa said...

Here's an idea: Why don't we simply not tolerate any bullying?

Amen. Oh, no, I mean because bullying was tolerated in the Bible, and therefore defiance of bullying behaviour is merely a whim of social theory not an a priori good.

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