Friday, April 14, 2006

Two days after I returned to work from vacation, and I'm angry enough to throw staplers. First off, a lady comes in at 10 am to check in. Check in time is at 2 pm. "I know I'm a little early but I wondered if I could get my key," she giggles. "Nope," is my reply, "Last night's guests haven't left yet." "Oh, we won't go over there," she assures me. RIIIIIGGGGHHHT! I've played this game before.

Then a guy comes into the office at 8 pm. I ask if he has the credit card he used to secure the reservation. "You've already taken the money." "No, sir. We've pre-authorized the funds in case we don't see you. The funds are taken from your available balance, but are not transferred to my account until we imprint your card." "I looked on the Internet and checked my account. You've already charged my card," he says smugly. "Okay." He smiles and waddles out. Whereupon I manually run the charges on his card. Dick.


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