Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Welcome to Jesusistan

"The Book of Daniel" continues to offend the American Taliban, aka American Family Association. They proudly boast how they have browbeat advertisers on NBC's new show, causing them to pulling their ads.

Right before Christmas, in our local paper, a letter to the editor appeared asking what it would take to get icons of other religions displayed on the main square of town. The ensuing deluge of letters to the editor all said, basically, "If you don't like looking at the nativity scene, you don't have to."

Being a smart ass, I wrote a letter to the editor this week that asked, "How many of you 'don't look'-ers are practicing what you preach when it comes to 'The Book of Daniel'?"

It's obvious that Christians don't believe in Matthew 5:39. That they have taken a page from Islam. That they have decided that anyone who uses Christian symbols in a way they disapprove of should be silenced, and that no one - repeat, NO ONE - should hear them either.

Welcome to Jesusistan. If you criticize Jebus, you must be silenced. As Salman Rushdie learned, this kind of fatwa can be lethal.



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