Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Day Six without cigarettes begins with no major cravings. In fact, this whole process has been remakarbly craving free.

I started smoking in 1984 while working nights and going to school during the day. I smoked for ten years, finally quitting, the first time, in October 1995. I was smoke free for 8 years. Then one night, after Oktoberfest had ended, the beer supervisors were sitting around behind the main bar finishing up a keg, when I bummed a smoke from one of the vendors.

Slowly, I started smoking more and more, and by the following May, I had quit. Then in November, the server crashed at work. The rest is history.

I dreaded quitting because of the withdrawal symptoms. But I'm finding I miss the little smoking rituals more--Tapping the pack, holding the cigarette, etc--than I miss actual inhaling the smoke. Weird.

But on the upside--According to the the math I did a few days back about the costs of smoking--I've saved (counting today) $18!


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