Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Step One - Controlling Daily Expenses

It goes without saying that if I spend my money before I can deposit it, I will never get out of the hole I'm in. Therefore, I need to look at what I spend my money on, and reduce or eliminate these things. But, I don't want to live a monk's life--shut away from anything that might be the least bit fun.

A few weeks ago, I confidently posted that I was going to quit smoking. I lasted a day and a half.

One of the things one has to do to eliminate a bad habit, is to associate bad things to the habit that far outweigh any perceived benefits. So I sat down and wrote out some things.

Pros and Cons of Smoking
I enjoy it.

Each pack costs about $3. If I smoke a pack a day, I will spend $21 a week, $84 a month, and $1008 a year on cigarettes. Ouch!

  In addition to the cost of cigarettes, there are the costs of the paraphenalia: lighters, matches, etc. A much smaller figure, to be sure, but still money being spent
  Smoking will kill me. Cancer already runs in my family. Do I really want to rush headlong to the grave?

I think daily visits to Long Strange Trip and this site are in order.

Tomorrow, my other vice.


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Blogger engress said...

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