Monday, April 25, 2005

I played golf this weekend. There I was, sitting at 93 as I teed up on 18 at Lady Bird. I was hitting good, putting good, and I thought for sure I had a 99 in the bag. I hooked my tee shot into the trees on the left of the fairway.

Using my 3-wood, I line up my next shot. I hit the third tree down range, and the ball shoots out ninety degrees into the middle of the fairway. Using my three wood again, I drive the club head a foot into the ground, squirting the ball twenty yards down the fairway.

Okay. Three wood's cursed. Not a problem. Switch to 3 Iron. In order to par the hole, I need to sink this. I blade the ball but manage to land near the green. A quick chip onto the green. I can still salvage 99, but I can't three putt.

I don't.

I four putt.

Stupid game.


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