Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Barack Obama seems to be taking campaign advice from Republicans. Over the weekend, Obama staged a gospel concert to raise money for his campaign. Now had everything ended there, I would have had to write things like: Why can Democrats use Christianity in their campaigns, but Republicans can't? or What would people say if Mitt Romney used a gospel concert to raise money?

Fortunately, Obama hired and preacher who used to be gay, and has stated that being gay was a matter of choice. Let me tell ya, that went over well! And, as a bonus, we get to see the Democrats show the lie behind their self-proclaimed "Party of Inclusion."

Gay activists protested against this guy because it upsets their worldview that being gay isn't a choice, and is then legitimized. I think this guy is partly right: Some people choose to sleep with members of the same sex. We call them bi-sexual.

But I digress.

Obama has now alienated one of the Democratic constituencies, and Hillary has got to be laughing her ass off about now.



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