Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Actor Michael Richards was performing at the LA Laugh Factory when a couple of guys thought they might heckle the performer. They didn't realize what they would unleash.

Richards went on a rampage that few could imagine. At one point, he told one of the guys [Note: I do not, as a rule, refer to someone by their race. However, in this case, I must. I do not say, for example, "the black actress Halle Berry," nor do I say "the great black actor Samuel L. Jackson." Halle Berry and Samuel Jackson are exceptional actors and to label them as black actors diminishes their abilities. That's why, by the way, I don't call Brian Singer a "Gay director" or Ellen Degeneres a "Gay talk show host."], who were black, that fifty years ago he would be hanging by his feet with a fork in his ass, and repeatedly called them "niggers."

That's right! I actually typed it. And because you read it, you are a racist!

Anyway, Richards apologized to Al Sharpton, who said that he would like to see the word "nigger" disappear from white and black usage. "Finally!" I thought, "someone gets it!"

If a black person addresses another black person as "nigger," then the word isn't offensive. You can't have it both ways! I believe the word is offensive, and only use it here to for its shock value.

Recently, Black leaders challenged the entertainment industry, including rap artists, actors, major studios and the public, to stop the use of "nigger." Once the word stops being used by anyone, it loses its meaning.

And no, "niggardly" is not derived from "nigger." So stop being so sensitive!



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