Thursday, February 02, 2006

As a chronicle of my debt problems, this blog has gotten off the path occassionally. But if I were to harp on how much I owe day in and day out, I would have to start shewing on the business end of a handgun: what Doug and the Slugs called "the 45 goodbye" in their 80s hit "Too Bad."

I don't own my home, so I can't refinance and obviously don't qualify for a home equity line of credt. but, like using payday loans, that's just borrowing from Peter to pay Paul anyway. It's just debt management, not debt elimination. Even debt consolidation doesn't sound right. No, I need cash.

I have tried affiliate programs from Google and a host of others (Amazon's affiliate program doesn't work for me. I don't think my readers actually read.) I'm doing okay with Google AdSense, but I'm not getting rich. Heck, I'm not even keeping up with my debts using it.

I'll admit, I have looke at those "Money Making Opportunity!!!" sites all over the Web. But there's no way in the world I'm gonna pay $400 for a book that will tell me how to maximize AdSense, or $50 for AdBlaster software that will drive thousands of daily visitors to my site.

No, I just have to quit spending money using a credit card, and pay them off. While I'm doing that, I intend to mock as many people as I can!


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