Saturday, January 21, 2006

Some Christians are committing heresy by trying to keep fit. They have turned to *shudder* yoga. Yoga is a spiritual practice that originated in India and is used to acheive enlightenment. Yet some Christians are using yoga to stay in shape.

The claim that they have made the practice more Bible oriented.

But the Bible doesn't mention yoga. Therefore, using the Intelligent Design argument, yoga is untrue. Even the Vatican, in 1989, warned that yoga can "degenerate into a cult of the body." True Christians, like Dr. Russell Bush, warn that yoga can seduce the practioner into unChristian practices.

With the opening of Christian book stores, Christian lingerie shops, and the Greater Grace Christian Coffee Shop here in Fredericksburg, I just wonder what Christians will adapt so as not to mingle with us heathen.

Praise Jebus and pass the Ben Gay!