Thursday, December 15, 2005

I watched a promo for "The OC" the other night. It was the funniest thing on TV that night! They proposed a new name for the holiday: Christmasukkah. I'm all for it!

Christmasukkah combines the gift giving qualities of Christmas and Hannukah. Of course, if it was "Christmasukkanza" it would include African-Americans. And if we called it "Christmasukkanzadan" business would get Muslims into the shopping frenzy of the season.



Blogger Dus10 D said...

I am not into the whole thing. There is no reason to combine them; if everyone wanted to do things the same way, they would all be part of the same religion. There is a reason why there are Christians, Jews, Muslims, etc... they believe different things, and want to celebrate in different ways. Further, Kwanza is silly... it isn't religious, and it was made up in the 50s or something.

Leave Christmas alone; leave Hanukkah alone; leave Ramadan alone. Besides... that is pretty liberal concept... and liberalism is walking contradiction. First of all, liberals scream about stomping on people's culture; then they come up with their own way of stomping on people's culture (melding various religious holidays). It is illogical. But, as long as they are not quick enough to figure out Boxing Day (of course, they stuck Kwanza on that day, too)...

9:46 PM  
Blogger hiikeeba said...

You miss my point, sir. What everyone is so darned determined to save is the trappings of Chri$tma$: the secular spending extravaganza. Christmas is one day. And to celebrate Christ's birth, we give everyone we know a present.

6:47 PM  

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