Monday, December 05, 2005

Not secure enough in their self-esteem, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers lived up to their names today, by not allowing the Saints to improve their record. A devastating blow to the homeless New Orleans Saints, but not a blow to our movement to demand justice from the evil Bush/NFL coalition.

And just what is Bush doing while the homeless Saints are being oppressed by American society? Nothing! He sits in his WHITE house, eating his WHITE bread, and WHITEwashing the news. This man is indeed color blind. He only sees WHITE! He doesn't see Black and Gold. No, his eyes are clouded by the red, WHITE, and blue.

But our cause is just! Our cause is noble! Only our cause is compassionate! We must join together and demand that the Saints be named winner of Super Bowl LX! That is the only way Bush can atone for his inaction while Katrina submerged New Orleans!


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