Friday, November 25, 2005

Last week, I bought myself a present.

Yes, I do that a lot.

Where was I? Oh yeah! I bought Gun for the PS2. I had seen the special on G4/TechTV and was impressed.

Now that I've played it awhile, all I can say is: WOW!

This is a great game! It has a couple of minor drawbacks, though. First, on horseback, everybody's horse is faster than yours and never tires. If you use the "Spur" button too long, your horse will die. And there are several chase segments. I've decided that you have to ignore the big red warning that reads: You are riding your horse too hard!" if you want to play the game.

Second, they hired an award winning writer to write the story. So this thing is full of cut scenes. I'm only on the second part of the game, I've spent almost as much time watching cut scenes to advance the story as I have playing the game.

All that being said, I love "Gun." Put it on your Christmas list.


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