Thursday, November 17, 2005

Your friend, the lawyer

i think that the group that spins their image the best is lawyers. Thanks to shows like "Perry Mason," "Law and Order," "Matlock," and "Ally McBeal" we somehow let ourselves beleive that lawyers are out for justice for their clients, or at least a little sex. And we get those "Have you been injured in an accident?" commercials that tell us how badly the lawyers want to help us when we need money.

It's a lie.

Netflix recently settled a cash action, excuse me, class action lawsuit paying $2.5 million dollars. None of that money is going to customers though. The lawyers are keeping that money, and Netflix is giving their customers a free trial in an upgrade service. And, oh yeah!, if you don't opt out of the one month trial, you are automatically enrolled in the upgrade program! Gosh! Aren't they nice? They sure do have your best interests at heart!

I am not a Netflix user. But, Chris Ambler is, and he has started a website,, to file an objection to the settlement. If you are a member of the cash (Darnit! I meant class!) action, and you want more than a "coupin" for an upgrade service, sign up and stick it to the man!


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