Friday, December 02, 2005

I have the day off, but I won't be able to spend it doing anything fun. Ever since we moved Grandmother into the house, my days off have been spent on walking stick round ups. She keeps leaving in the last place she was, and then forgets where it is. Then I have to get up and take her to it.

Last weekend, Mom, Dad, Grandmother and I went to Kerrville for some shopping. We spent five hours in Kerrville, even having lunch at *shudder* Cracker Barrel. When we got home, we spread the results of modern-day hunting and gathering on the floor. Grandmother asked, "Are we going to go anywhere today?" When Mom told her we had just gotten back from Kerrville, she didn't beleive us.

Right now, Dad is keeping her entertained so I can do my stuff. When everyone goes back to work at 2 pm, it's back to the living room and keeping Grandmother company.


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