Friday, October 28, 2005

As a little present to myself for paying off one credit card, I bought the first series of Clerks inAction figures (And charged it on the paid off card. I am a moron). I had been watching the auctions on eBay, but most of them started at higher price than I could get them from View Askew.

Which brings up the question: Why have a store on eBay that sells action figures for FIVE FRICKIN' DOLLARS more than the View Askew site, AND charge twice as much for shipping? The answer is: Because you can.

Which brings us to the second question: Why the FRAK does someone buy something on eBay for MORE than you can get somewhere else?

And I'm not buying the concept that purchasing from a comic store in Georgia that is not owned by Kevin Smith makes an item more valuable than one in Red Bank, New Jersey that is owned by Kevin Smith.



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