Friday, October 21, 2005

San Antonio Saints? Uh, no.

Since this site has become "The NEW Home of Compassion on the Web™©," it is incumbant upon me to comment on the recent spate of newspaper articles proposing the relocation of the 'Aints, I mean, Saints.

I beleive that regardless of merit, record, talent and skill, the New Orleans Saints should be Super Bowl XL champs this year. Many of these players lost homes, possibly family members. They probably lost friends who were killed and raped at the superdome by the wandering gangs the media reported. Many of them didn't receive the FEMA debit cards that have been spotted at so many strip clubs. Declaring them Super bowl XL Champions should be done by proclamation, and not by an actual game. And, by Jebus, if Hillary were President, we would see just such an act of compassion and fairness. But, she ain't, so we won't.

But hijacking the team? That's so. . .Republican!

Relocating the Saints now is, at best, in bad taste, and at worst, the cheapest sort of crass commercialism that this country seems to reward. It's like putting up the Christmas decorations on Labor Day, and the Easter decorations on Thanksgiving. It's like that annoying X-10 spy camera pop-up ad we all hated. Hell, it's like any pop-up or pop-under ad!

If the Saints want to relocate to San Antonio after they are given the Super Bowl Championship they are due because of their suffering as a result of Katrina, and after the Superdome is repaired, then Jebusspeed! But not now!

Besides, who needs another losing Texas team to steal attention from my beloved Texans?


Anonymous Jer said...

Speaking of your beloved Texans, my company has done the stadium open for them for the past few years (what they play on the screens just before the game to get everyone pumped). Check it out duder!


9:02 PM  
Blogger HighPlainsDrifter said...

Dont be surprised if LA tries to get them as well..

11:06 AM  

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