Saturday, September 10, 2005

While recuperating at home, i got to watch a lot fo TV, and I noticed something interesting: Spanish language commercials on English stations! I wonder why Jack in the Box and Time Warner Cable are advertising in Spanish? Could it be that Hispanics are becoming the majority?

Well, if that doesn't get the Enlish Firsters knickers in a knot, this news will: "'Desperate Housewives,''Lost,''George Lopez' and the new comedy 'Freddie,' starring Freddie Prinze Jr., will be dubbed into Spanish, as will the network's theatrical movie premieres and some specials" and broadcast on the SAP channel to appeal to the nations 41 million Hispanics, the fastest growing minority.

Soon, ABC will put out a show in Spanish with English on the SAP channel. Then we'll get to hear the stirring slogan, "This is America! Speak English!' echo from sea to shining sea.

As Babel Fish and I wrote earlier: "I, para uno, dan la bienvenida a nuestros overlords nuevos [ de la minoría ]. Quisiera recordarlos como una personalidad confiada en de la TV [ o blogger ], yo puedo ser provechoso en el redondeo encima de otros a trabajar en sus cuevas subterráneas del azúcar." Therefore, I support ABC's bold move to capture the hearts of the future majority.

And a note to you English Firsters out there: If you don't want to have to learn Spanish, have more kids!


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