Monday, September 12, 2005

Gas News

First up, South Carolina's attorney general started an unfair practices investigation when oil prices, that had spiked when Katrina cut the flow of fuel to the East Coast, failed to decrease after the pipeline is repaired and running at 100%.

In related news, ExxonMobil announced that their profits this quarter would be $10 billion (that's with a 'b') dollars. This quarter. Not for the year. That's $110 million in profit per day.

As a result of higher prices, convenience stores and gas stations are requiring prepayment to stem the flow of gas thefts.

In other news, SUV sales continue to rise, kinda, as prices rise. One buyer said, "if you’ve got the means, why not?"

And speaking of having the means to buy something, the Gulf emirate of Dubai will build a city of life-size replicas of seven ancient and modern wonders of the world at an estimated cost of $1.5 billion. Wonder where they got that much money?


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