Thursday, July 07, 2005

I have been selling some of my 1500 comic books on eBay. When someone buys something from me and they pay promptly, I give them positive feedback right away. And I expect positive feedback if the item arrives in good condition. But I've noticed I must be doing something wrong.

I just bought three items, and I paid within hours of winning the auction. But no positive feedback for me. Why not?

Is there some sort of etiquette for leaving eBay feedback? Or is it kind of a "You do me, I do you" kind of thing? Should I wait to leave feedback until they leave feedback? Does the seller leave feedback first, then the buyer? Or the other way around?

I'd be curious to hear what other eBayers think.


Blogger Unknown said...

Hi! Gosh, we sound a lot alike. I am struggling with debt, selling at Amazon and E-Bay, and wonder why more buyers don't leave comments. I think it's just laziness. I always leave my buyers good feedback (unless they've really screwed my over, trying to pay in Krugerrands sent via carrier pigeon or such LOL). Or techno-fear, that if they hit the wrong button, their computer blows up – LOL! It IS frustrating, but you have a wonderful sense of humor about it all. I’ll add you to my “Cool Blogs” Links, hope you would like to reciprocate.

11:46 AM  

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