Thursday, June 30, 2005

Eminent Domain Land Rush, Part Deux

Just like the heady days of the Wild West, when settlers stampeded across the country for land; just like the Isrealites after Moses parted the Red Sea; just like the rednecks who flock to Wal-Mart at 5 am on the day after Thanksgiving, cities across the country are rushing to get property to redevelop. The Institute for Justice, a Libertarian law firm in Washington, DC has compiled a list of pending actions filed since the Supreme Court screwed us.

Here's the Rundown:

Freeport Texas - an $8 million private boat marina
Lake Zurich, Illinois - several properties at risk
Boston, Massachusetts - more waterfront property being taken
Arnold, Missouri (link broken) - 30 homes, 15 small businesses and a VFW post to be replaced with a Lowes and a strip center
Baltimore, Maryland - (West Side) shops on the city’s west side for private development; (East Side) 2000 properties to be replaced by a biotech park and new residences
Newark, New Jersey - A 2000 unit condo (rejected by the council in 2003, but rejuvinated after elections where the developer contributed heavily) on 14 downtown acres
Lodi, New Jersey - a trailer park will be replaced by a gated retirement community
Cleveland, Ohio (link broken) - a $225 million development with most of the property it needs is no going after the holdouts
Memphis, Tennessee - a five mile development needs four blocks to be complete
Broward County, Florida - Three cities want to develop their downtowns
West Allis, Wisconsin - The city wants its own mall, Kevin Smith to direct
Weare, New Hampshire - A local entrepreneur wants to take Supreme Court Justice David Souter's home to build "The Liberty Lost Hotel," home of the World FARK Party in 2006 or 2007!(Make your reservations now! Write the Weare Town Council and promise to spend lots of money!)

More as it develops.


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