Friday, May 27, 2005

Chasing the Sun - Part 2

My fourth outline broke the events of the story into issue sized chunks. So I started scripting the book, and found myself with too much stuff to put on the page.

I created thumbnail pages that I could use to actually write what the story, then i could transfer the little images from the thumbnails to the full sized pages. While writing the first issue, I realized I had three issues worth of stuff, so I broke it down further. Now, instead of ten 24 page issues, I was looking at 30 issues!

So far, I have written about 20 of the issues in thumbnail form. I have drawn 9 of them, scanned them, and put them up on the web.

Bear in mind that all of this has taken 4 years! And I have been staring at issue #10 for three months, and have only drawn 7 pages.

I know that not too far in the future (probably when the temperature hits triple digits), I'll find a creative surge and churn out three issues in three months. I also know that there will be another lull.

So when will I finish? I am hoping to finish the last page the day before I die. Wish me luck.


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