Tuesday, May 17, 2005

On my original site, I made a page called CyberBeggars. I wrote:

I would like to buy things, but I don't have the money. So, in that spirit, I am joining the hordes of CyberBeggars asking you to send me money. If you have a Pay Pal account, click the link and contribute your heart's content.

Of the 5 sites I listed, only 2 sites still exist. Karyn piled up $20 grand in credit card debt. According to her original site, she paid it off in 20 weeks!

Another active site belongs to Ed. Ed wants a Hummer. Ed hasn't been as successful as Karyn. Of course, Ed wants $120,000, not a measly $20,000. But at least Ed's received $200. But, I haven't received anything!

I've briefly toyed with the idea of finding a cuddly animal and threatening to kill it for money, but it's already been done.

I signed up for AdSense, but have only racked up $25 since November. I am an affiliate for Amazon, but nobody's bought anything using my search box. And I can't seem to win the iWon drawings, or use the Redneck Retirement Plan.

It looks like it's up to me!

But if you'd like to help . . .


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