Saturday, May 14, 2005

My hands are sweaty. I'm jittery. I can't concentrate on anything.

No, it's not the shakes from quitting smoking. I'm in lust.

I want a PSP!

I don't need it. I don't travel enough to make watching movies on it worthwhile. Right now the only available games I might want to play are Spider-Man 2 and Tiger Woods. And I haven't even mastered Tiger Woods PS2 game! I have an MP3 player, so I don't need to store music on a PSP. I don't need to store my photos on it, either.

I do want it. The PSP could be the future of personal electronic devices. All Sony needs to do is add phone capability and a browser so I can surf the web. wherever I go.

So, the question becomes, do I become an early adopter, and drop $300 on something I will use sparingly? Or do I wait to see if Sony cuts the price when Microsoft comes out with a similar product?

Or do I use what little self control I have, and just don't buy it?

Fortunately, I don't have the cash just now, so that makes things a bit easier.


Blogger Annie said...

Well, I hope I helped a little. Good luck!

Personally, I've had one (generous) donation, and make about 8 cents a day on my ads on my veggie blog.

10:02 AM  

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