Wednesday, May 04, 2005

I was actually going to do a rather interesting entry about goal setting, but then I ran across this. This is a great piece of satire, but make sure you read the actual news stories, first.

All I can say is, "Wow! These NeoCons really do want to bring about the End Times."

And intolerance has spread to Asia! The Hong Kong Disneyland has instituted an Alabama-inspired smoking policy. If you smoke-you can't stay! Maybe Alabama could tailor that law for their deluge of homosexuality. And I think they should add adultery to the list of bad lifestyles.

Sigh! I wonder what Canada's like this time of year?

I can tell you it ain't anything like Texas! Texas: home of fierce football rivalries like UT and A&M and Permian and Odessa high schools in Odessa. Football in Texas is a sancrament. We tell folks that how you play on the field is how you deal with life.

Apparently, we're taking that crap seriously.

Ladies and gentlemen, please bow your heads. We are witnessing the end of a way of life. Cheerleaders in Texas will no longer be allowed to be sexy.

Is there anyway I can object to straitlaced homophobes and have them outlawed?


Blogger Annie said...

But think how happy the AL schoolchildren will be since they no longer have to read Shakespeare's plays - and nearly all poetry ever written.

Wonder what they are going to do with the bible - I think it has a couple of references to homosexuality in it.

1:47 PM  

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