Friday, February 08, 2013

Tax Man Blues

I will soon be doing my taxes. I won't get much back (Thanks, Republican Party for not extending tax breaks for me!), but still . . .

I used to file my taxes over the phone.  Remember that? It was replaced with E-Filing. The IRS, in its infinite wisdom, decided not to host the filing servers themselves.  I guess they didn't want to be responsible for any mistakes. So they allowed several tax preparation companies to file our taxes on our behalf. AND they may charge me for it.

I don't have enough deductions to make using a tax preparation company or an accountant a necessity.  But it is a necessity to file my taxes. Why in the world would I pay to comply with the law?

What's next? A fee to the police department for obeying the speed limit?

Yes, I know there are free options on each of the sites, but they try so hard to push the "Pro" service that it makes me angry.


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