Thursday, January 19, 2012

Is Your Religion School-Approved?

Ginger Strivellis a witch. No, really. She practices witchcraft as a religion. One day, her son came home from school with a Bible. The Gideons International dropped off a few boxes of Bibles and the school announced that they were free to any student who wanted one.

Ginger marched down to the school and asked why they were giving away Bibles. The principal said that they would distribute any religious books to anyone who was interested. So when she offered to donate spell books to the school for anyone that was interested, she was turned away.

The school board is reviewing the matter and is not taking any donations of religious texts. They will make a formal decision at the next meeting, in February.

I have problem with this story.

The principal wasn't walking down the hallway between classes passing the darned things out. They were giving them to people who were interested in them. Ginger's son had to go to a specific location (presumably the office) and get the Bible. He was interested. No one forced him to get a Bible. He did it himself. Is Ginger transferring her anger at her son to the school?

As pointed out in the story linked to above, the School has two choices in the matter: accept no religious books or accept all religious books. I don't care which option they pick, either. But I think Ginger's making a mountain out of a molehill.



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