Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Marshal Rogers Batman

I remember when comics were something to be looked for at the newstand.  Now, I look for comics in the graphic novel format, because that's how comics writers write.

Recently I bought Legends of the Dark Knight: Marshall Rogers. Marshall Rogers was who I associated with Batman in my youth. He had such a crisp style. It evoked Neal Adams and John Byrne. I was happy to collect what issues I could get here in Paradise. I got most of them on news stands.

This was a nice volume of all of Marshall Rogers' Batman work.  It starts with Batman fighting the Calculator.  For the previous six months, assorted heroes, drawn by Rogers, faced off against the calculator in back up stories in Detective Comics. I would have liked to see those stories in this volume before the novel length battle between Batman and Calculator.

Nest are the Detective Comics written by Steve Engelhart and drawn by Marshall Rogers tat captured my imagination. I think I have a soft cover collection, but this edition had a couple of stories I had not read before. Add to that, the Legends of the Dark Knight arc written by Archie Goodwin and the Engelhart and Rogers Dark Detective mini series. . .

You should get this book.  Marshall Rogers was a great artist.  You'll spend hours looking at a single panel of Batman.



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